Why You Should Get Wireless Charger?


Why you should get a Wireless Charger? Are you tired of keep plugin charger cables on your phone? We are all tired of the plugin it in. What is the solution? Wireless Charger for both iPhone & Samsung.

Wireless Charger helps us in many ways. Samsung came out with this technology a while back and it has produced good results.

Most of the time you can’t mix chargers. How? For example, iPhone phone chargers don’t match with Samsung phone and vice versa. What if the was charger out there that can charge both iPhones and Samsung? Yes, it does that.

Wireless Charger for both iPhone & Samsung

What other phones can be used with this wireless charger for both iPhone & Samsung?

Here is another brand that is Compatible with: APPLE, Samsung, Huawei, Universal meaning other brands as well.

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The Benefits of Wireless Charger for both iPhone & Samsung

Another feature of this wireless charger is that it shows you how much percentage has remained until it is fully charged.

Wireless Charging Status

Another wonderful benefit is that sometimes we like to charger the phone overnight and it may charge for about two hours max and finished but remember we are sleeping at that time. Our phones will overcharge until morning. If we keep doing that over time our phone battery will be damaged.

This wireless charger does are wonderful work and that is once the phone is fully charged it will go in battery protect mode or trickle protection mode, meaning our phone battery will not be damaged over time.



This product has a wonderful review. Over 2800 people around the world have purchased it and have written good feedback. People from the United States of America, Russia, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

The shipping time is very good from this supplier. I have ordered other products and have arrived for less than 1 month.

We here at 1minreview.com we definitely recommend it to you.

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