Why Should You Get DIGITAL OCEAN Services?


What is Digital Ocean and Why should you get Digital Ocean Services?

When you want to build your hosting company and provide service to people like Web Apps, Machine Learning & AI, Website’s and Developer Tool, then Digital Ocean is the company for you.

In the advancement of technology these days you need every type of services. We are going to talk about one company that does this so well and that is Digital Ocean.

Digital Ocean has been in business for many years.  One of their services is servers. For example, some sites have so many visitors that they need a dedicated server. Some sites even need multiple servers around the globe. With Digital Ocean you can deploy virtual servers in their 8 datacenters in Amsterdam, America and Canada. You can even move them around!

Digital Ocean provide these types of services and many customers are using it including myself and the team.

DigitalOcean Offices

Others products that they have is Droplets and Spaces. What are these products?

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Droplets on Digital Ocean are basically VPSes, so they are the virtual servers. They are scalable, in the sense that you can make them grow in storage, memory and CPUs. Like a subscription, you can start with a basic subscription, but always update to a premium subscription with more channels for Netflix for example.

Digital Ocean Droplets


Spaces securely stores and delivers any amount of data to end-users and applications, with the same simplicity they’ve come to expect from them. Instantaneously create cost-effective, reliable storage space using their drag-and-drop UI or API.

Digital Ocean Spaces

Digital Ocean has also wonderful support system for you. They have a community for developers, they have tutorials and most importantly, a question and answer platform where all the question you need will be answered.

DigitalOcean Shark

Here are 4 reasons why you should get Digital Ocean services:

  1. Digital Ocean offer’s very fast VPNs
  2. Good value for a reasonable price
  3. Easy to use control panel
  4. Support is organized using a ticket system, and their response times are quick

I definitely recommend Digital Ocean for you if you’re looking to expand your hosting services, building a web app and you need more space.  If you want to run a website that would not crash when you get many visitors, then Digital Ocean is the one for you.


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