Why Do You Need a Car Tracker?


Why this question? I will tell you a story that will make you get Car Tracker.

Remember one of the articles I wrote about “Why you should get Dashboard Camera?” If you have not read it. Please do before you continue.

So I got my ticket and guess what? I have to two fines instead of one. Where did the other one come from?

The person who committed the offense with our car, was a stranger to us. Why? Because the only people who drive our car is me and my significant other.

Also the day of the alleged offense, the car was parked at a parking slot for the entire day. The only time that the car moved was in the evening when returning home.

That means that the time stamped on the ticket didn’t match with the location of our car at all.

One of us had to spend the next three days at the police station sorting the matter out. That meant someone’s schedule had to suffer for 3 days! What a loss!

Imagine trying to convince the Police that you didn’t do it, that you are not guilty. You sound like a broken record.

Even criminals are never guilty! So you can imagine their skepticism. Who can blame them?  After so much back and forth, they finally believed my innocence, no mean feat!

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I could have saved us all the trouble and hassle, if only I had a car tracker. This is what am installing.  Yes, Car Tracker is a very important tool for the safety of your vehicle.

Here are reasons why you should get Car Tracker:

  1. If it’s a company car, you will know where your vehicles are and for how long. Is it work related or personal? You will know!
  2. Essential in settling any false complaints or claims as to the whereabouts of said car(s)
  3. If you are running a fleet of cars, across various sites and locations, you can collate the data and discover problems and solutions more quickly.
  4. You will also save a lot on gas! Once the staff know the cars are being tracked, all monkey business ceases and guess what that means? Savings!

A bonus feature is using additional tools such as monitoring the opening of the door to know when and where the doors are being opened and thus if the correct job is being done or not.

Moto Safety Tracker

Whether you are an individual or a company it is important to have car tracker. It will save you a lot of time, headache and pain that come along with dealing with problems.

Moto Safety Tracker

I highly recommend have a car tracker after what happened to me. Now what device is good? I discover this device called Moto Safety.

Moto Safety Tracker

You can track your car from your mobile phone which is very awesome for these days and age.

You can even monitor your teens with Moto Safety Car Tracker. Moto Safety Car Tracker is easy to install. You can install it in less than 1 Minute.

You can also receive alerts for any unsafe driving . Also the Moto Safety Car Tracker comes with application that you can monitor from your finger tips.

Moto Safety Tracker

Whether you have Android Phone or Iphone. You can track you vehicle easily.

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