Why Dashboard Camera is a Wise Investment?


Why Dashboard Camera is wise Investment? Today am writing this story after something unfair happened to me few weeks back. It was Saturday Morning at home relaxing and happy.

My mood was all up I was feeling inspired and motivated. I had meeting that morning, so I left for my meeting.

YI Dash Cam

While I was driving, I passed a traffic light and suddenly a traffic cop pulled me over. His reason for stopping me?

I skipped a red light. We had an argument and this being Africa, I had to pay a fine.

I was hopping mad! Lost all my mojo which took quite long to get it back.

I realized I needed to buy the dashboard camera so that it will no longer have to be I said, he said situation.

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Here are the reasons why you should get a dashboard camera is a wise investment:


Enough said!

Prevents fraud

Avoid lawsuits by criminals who cause accidents and claim you have injured them. Your insurance company will thank you why? Cause you’re dashboard camera was there to capture it all.

Capture Criminal Activity

Sometimes we find our cars damaged or broken into. Dashboard Camera continues to record even when you’re not in the car.

Capture Great Memories

Let’s say that you are on a road trip, the dashboard camera can get memories while you’re on the road and later you can share with your family. Sometimes in the road they unexpected events and your dashboard camera will record it.They are a lot of reasons to why Dashboard Camera is a Wise Investment but we have just mentioned are few. 

YI Dash Cam Memories

You can check the Dashboard Cam below. We love the supplier. He is reliable and that is where we got ours.

Cheers until Next time


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