The Best Program to Make Videos for Youtube?


The Best Program to Make Videos for Youtube? Here is how i found the best program.

Are you an online video maker? Which is the best online video maker?  

First off, Video is one of the best ways to promote your product online. According to research about 86% of people prefer to watch a video than reading.

On YouTube, about 5 billion videos are watched every day and YouTube gets about 30 million visits every day.

If you are video maker or creator what is the best online program?

I have come across and used many programs. I love making videos but making them takes a lot of time.   

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It takes time to shoot, reshoot, edit, and publish. On top of that you have to choose which program to use. The simplest program I have come across is Camtasia or adobe premiere pro.

All these programs take time to learn and master.

The BEST one hands down though are Content Samurai.

Content Samurai Logo

Content Samurai is the easiest online video maker. Why? I would highlight a few reasons.

  1. It provides you with readymade videos or images for you to use.
  2. In  5 easy steps, you can create a video
  3. You can choose which video you want to create from their menu; E.g. Sales video, blog videos or Facebook videos. COOL EHH?
  4. If you don’t like your voice, you can even opt for another voice from the program or just background music.
  5. It takes about 15 minutes to create your video.  

Here is the video below to show you how to make your online video.

Creating videos has never been so easy! On top of that besides making your own video, you can make for others and make money. Here are users of Content Samurai who have used it.

Content Samurai Users
About 7,000 plus user of Content Samurai

For myself, I have made about 10 videos and counting…. I love it.

Here are 7 Days Free Trial.

Sign up and let me know what are your thoughts below.

Cheers until Next time

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