Is Learning About SOCIAL MEDIA Content Important?


Is Learning about Social Media Content Important? We all use social media for personal use. Now what about when it comes to business?

You will no doubt want to reach more customers.

How can you improve your social media presence?

I recently finished a course that was a life changer for me and I would like to share it. In these article I will discuss what I learned and how I benefited.

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For starters what class am I talking about?

Thanks to our global village today (read internet), you don’t need to go a physical class. All you need is a laptop or smartphone and good connectivity. You will learn at the comfort of your house.


They are many websites out there but there is one that stands out and that is

Skillshare Skillshare

In this website there so many classes on different topics (From Video editing to painting, you name it) and you cannot even begin to measure the benefits of these classes. Also they do offer some classes for free!


What did I learn about Social Media Content?

I learned about how to write on social media, how to post on social media and how to track on social media. You will learn how different platform works.

Each social media is different, so you will learn how to write for each of them and succeed in creating social media.

For instance, if you really are interested in Facebook ads then these classes touch on that and you will be able to know more about it.

Business Social Media Strategy

We all know hashtags, but which platform is best to use them and how should one use them? There are many other things you will learn from these classes.

The class is about 1 hour and 39 minutes. You can decide to take perhaps 2/3 classes per day and before the week is over, you will be done.

How have I benefited for Learning Social Media Content?

My knowledge on social media has increased a lot. I have improved a lot in my writing on social media. I have even seen increased traffic!

One advice I would give it to you is that, choose the right social media for you and your work. Don’t try to learn every social media. Master one social media and make it work for you and you will see success in your blog or website.

For anyone I would definitely recommend this class. Lastly when you sign up for Skillshare you get 2 months free of class that you can choose from and enjoy.


Cheers until Next time

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