How to Write Script for Explainer Video for Beginners?


Explainer videos are an excellent way of converting your visitors to buyers.

They are also effective in getting your content to your target audience. Sometimes people just want a quick easy explanation to a problem.

What is the secret to writing a captivating explainer video script? How do you get all the information you want into a short video of 60 seconds?

You get great tips and advice from these classes I have been taking. The lessons have really opened my eyes on how to write scripts for explainer videos, what tools to use, and what style of writing works best.

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What will you find in this class?

The lessons have a lot of gold mines which I didn’t know. One of the things you will learn is that you must tell a story. The story should follow the classic script structure.

In just 9 lectures you will be able to start practicing your skills. Mary Ingrassia gives the lectures. She says that “Explainer videos are proven to engage audiences and increase retention.

These videos are great for business commercials, startup advertisements, presentations, and even lessons for students created by teachers — but At The Heart Of A Good Explainer Video Is A GOOD SCRIPT”.

Write Script

Mary is a Top Rated Super Seller on Fiverr & a Certified Ambassador for both Fiverr & PowToon. She has created thousands of Whiteboard & Explainer animations.

She have a B.F.A in Computer Graphics, and have been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer & Video Producer for over 7 years.

How will you benefit from this Lessons?

I didn’t know how script writing for explainer videos can be so much fun. The way the class conductor explains it, you will fall in love right away. I have learned how to write a simple & clear script for explainer videos.

What have others say about the lessons who have taken it? Let’s read some comments:

Raeshan Peterson:

Wow! This was an awesome course. I was able to learn a lot. Thank you!

Lindsey Jones:

This class exceeded my expectations!

Karen Jones:

Very good and informative. Her voice is clear and very friendly. She shows clear examples and even gives great tips and tricks to get your own thoughts going.

I know you definitely want to know how to write script for explainer videos and be great at it. I know you want your videos to stand out from the rest. These classes are for you then.


Cheers until Next time

Ackland Mhina from 1MINREVIEW

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