How Does Night Light Toilet Seat Work?


How does Night Light Toilet Seat Work? What are the benefit of Night Light Toilet Seat?

Most nights I have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Since I do not want to lose my sleep, I usually don’t switch on any lights. I move by memory and instinct.

However many times instinct doesn’t get the aim right, and I do mess up every so often.

Going To Toilet At Night

My wife on the other hand, who has no such aiming problems, is scared of the dark and yet doesn’t like to switch on the lights either.

The solution?

A smart toilet seat with a motion sensor night light. You place this device on the toilet seat and as soon as you walk into the toilet, the seat lights up and you can see.

The device is not too much as to wake you up, but is good enough to remove the fear of the dark, and good enough to help you aim right.

Item Type: Night Light

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Battery Type: AAA

Body Material: ABS

Voltage: 4.5 V

Wattage: 0-5 W

Power Source: Dry Battery

Package Includes: 1 x Pc

This device is easy to install. The wire is bendable and most important is that the device is waterproof.

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I brought mine and i was surprised that the device was small and it fitted on the toilet well. It fits in the palm of my hands. I love it some much and I would buy another one.


Here are some of the review of people who have brought Night Light Toilet Seat.

Daniela M.

I love it so much and as you know I bought a second one to give it to a dear friend and she loves it too. It is the best thing since sliced bread.  It is awesome thank you so very much. Daniela

Georgina C.

Will let you know.  Looks pretty neat.  I could use it as I wake frequently in the night because I drink so much water during the day.

Kylie C.

I really love this product, possibly the best gadget I own!!!!

Lori N.

Works as advertised. Like it very much.

Cheers until Next time


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