Why you should get a Wireless Charger? Are you tired of keep plugin charger cables on your phone? We are all tired of the plugin it in. What is the solution? Wireless Charger for both iPhone & Samsung. Wireless Charger helps us in many ways. Samsung came out with this technology a while back and […]

Why Do You Need a Car Tracker?

On October 22, 2019

Why this question? I will tell you a story that will make you get Car Tracker. Remember one of the articles I wrote about “Why you should get Dashboard Camera?” If you have not read it. Please do

We all love our phone accessories especially our covers. I have come across many mobile covers and nothing comes close to InkCase IVY. What is InkCaseIVY? InkCase IVY dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience – Smart Assistance. Introducing the case that works behind the scene. Notifying you only the most important […]
Why Dashboard Camera is wise Investment? Today am writing this story after something unfair happened to me few weeks back. It was Saturday Morning at home relaxing and happy. My mood was all up I was feeling inspired and motivated. I had meeting that morning, so I left for my meeting. While I was driving, […]
Why is Omniband+ Fitness Tracker Must Have? One of my good friends brought it. He had high hopes because it had everything he needed. Sadly Omniband+ Fitness Tracker had one problem which I will discuss a bit a later. This problem did not sit well with my friend, so he gave the Omniband+ Fitness Tracker […]
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